The garden should be tailored to reflect your lifestyle, your life experiences, desires, hopes and vision.  One person may find a koi pond relaxing and fish spiritually refreshing while another may not.

We use natural materials, simple colors and textures, attention to detail and simple forms that merge with the surrounding landscape.  When I design a space for prayer, meditation, exercise or yoga, it’s a safe haven, free from distracting noises or distraction from neighbors.

We work with clients ranging from those who are energized by lively outdoor entertaining to those who find the sight of a hammock swinging in the breeze a cause for stress and anxiety.  The most important part of the job is listening to the client, but also to the site itself.  You have to really get a feel for what the site is telling you and what the client wishes to experience in his or her garden.


We use soothing colors and soft ground covers, grasses and vines that create motion and texture.  Soothing colors include green, white, lavender and blue.  We steer away from energetic colors such as red and yellow.  Choose plants that attract wildlife such as butterflies, hummingbirds, rabbits and songbirds to help connect the client to the landscape and calming influence of nature.  The trend toward blending healing of mind and body includes planting medicinal herbs such as Echinacea, chamomile and aloe vera, easy-to-grow plants that also offer healing properties.


To create a private space for a meditation garden requires through site evaluation.  Pergolas, arbors, trees, shrubs or existing structures may be used as a privacy buffer.  When we design a space for prayer, meditation exercise or yoga, it’s a safe haven, free from distracting noises or distraction from neighbors.  You might have to counter bad noise with white noise or install a plant or hardscape buffer to shield the space.


Foot paths to the garden may be constructed from stone or lined with native shrubs and plants or raised flower gardens.  They should be curved and winding, rather than straight and linear.


Use fragrant flowers in the garden to facilitate healing and stimulate positive memories.  Common choices are lavender, roses, lilies and gardenias.  It’s important to focus on one strong smell instead of a riot of competing one in order to achieve harmony.

Water feature

While most meditation gardens incorporate water features.  A calm sound is more appealing than huge crashing waters such as waterfalls or fountains with a vigorous flow.


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